USB Pre-Loaded Data

Pre-Loaded USB Data Transfer

When you decide to preload, you have the option to make your information either erasable or non-erasable. Choosing erasable format allows the files to be changed or erased and will free up the drive for personal use. With the non-eraseable format, the files can not be changed or erased, although the remaining space on the USB drive can still be for personal use.

Another popular service we offer is called Auto-Run. This takes preloading one step further by making the data immediately accessible to the recipient. When the drive is plugged in, the data will automatically load up on the computer and be presented to the user. Your USB’s can be manufactured so that your information is shown to the user each time they use your drive. With your logo displayed on the side of the USB drive and the files loaded directly on the computer, USB drives provide you an unprecedented ability to connect with your customers. (note: there are certain restrictions on this service. Please contact us for details).

To save you time in uploading the data manually, USB VNMARTS can upload the data at source at our factory to ensure you get your Branded USB Memory Transfer on time included with your USB Flash Drives. Moreover 400Mb of data is included as standard with most styles available through USB VNMARTS. If 400Mb is not enough, for a small fee, this upload limit can be increased.

How to Transfer Data

If your data is less than 10Mb in size, then it can be transferred via an e-mail attachment to the USB Maker employee caring for your project.

If your data is over 10Mb of data, then it can be transferred in several ways:

•   Via USB VNMARTS personal FTP service.

•   Via a free data transfer service (Such as Hightail, WeTransfer or DropBox etc.)

Alternatively data can be sent via post on a CD or DVD, however please bare in mind that this may delay the upload process and in turn the expected lead time.

How to Present Your Data Files

How data is presented is of utmost importance. We ask that all data be sent in a compressed folder format (Such as .zip or .rar) we also ask that customers prepares the data within the compressed folder is how you would expect the end user to see it on the USB will be presented on the USB, ensuring that all file names and data are prepared as you would want the end user to see it.

Additional Services

USB VNMARTS offers a variety of additional services to enhance your Pre-Loaded data are available, including Data Locking and Auto-Running data. For more details on these services, please refer to the services navigation bar at the top of the page.

Capacity vnmarts

*Word Document - based on an average file size of 50kb.

*PDF Document - based on an average file size of 300kb.

*Photos based on an average file size of 1.5MB

*PowerPoint based on an average file size of 330kb (10 slides).

*Movies based on an average file size of 1.5GB for 1 full length movie.

*Songs based on an average file size of 4MB per 1 song.

NOTE: USB drive memory capacity is never 100% of stated capacity. Most USB drives capacity ranges from 95-98% useable memory. (i.e.- a 1GB drive holds roughly 950MB)* All statistics are estimates and will vary depending on exact file size and / or combination with other files.


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