Pantone Matched USB Drives

Use this guide to assist your color selection and specification process. This chart is a reference guide only. Pantone colors on computer screens may vary based on the graphics card and monitor used in your system. For true accuracy use the Pantone Color Publication. The PMS color matching can be applied to select usb flash drives as well as the custom shaped flash drives created in our design your own flash drives area.

•           A minimum order quantity of just 250 units applies for Pantone® matched shells.

•           There is a small additional setup charge for this service.

•           Normally there is no additional lead time for this service.

•           Only Pantone® color references will be accepted to reference colors (CMYK references cannot be used).

•           If you order a product with a translucent shell, the color of the product may appear to change depending on the lighting conditions.

Pantone Matching

What are Pantone Colours?

A ‘pantone colour’ is a block colour that is part of a greater catalogue of colours called the Pantone Formula Guide. This catalogue assigns each colour with its own code. What this means is, is that each colour is universally recognized, this method is commonly utilized by industries such as print, fabrics and most importantly, plastics.

So what is ‘Pantone-Matching My Shell’?

What this means for your USB project is that certain styles offered at USB VNMARTS can have their shells custom made with a pantone colour of your choosing. Moreover if you don’t know the pantone colour you’d like, our graphics team can match a colour from your logo to a pantone colour which can be used for the colour of the shell, resulting in a truly individualized end product. For example, below is USB VNMARTS logo. This has been matched to pantone colour PMS 212c. USB Makers can now take this ‘code’ and use it to replicate the colour from the logo when making the shell of the USB.

Why Pantone Match?

Whilst the basic colours available to most styles cover most basic needs, with most styles being available in Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Black and White, a Pantone Matched USB Drive expands your options tremendously to thousands and thousands of colours options. But most importantly, by pantone-matching your logo to your USBs’ shell, adds that unique touch to your USB, separating it from the rest and re-enforcing the print of your brand on your USB project, this service is available to you for only a small additional fee to the total order value, orders above 500 units can have this service included for free. Please note that in order to create a pantone-matched shell, and additional 2-3 days is required, due to the shells being made to order.

Pantone Matching vnmarts



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