Plastic USB 003

Product information:

- Minimum Order Quantity: 100pcs

- Branding: Screen Printed, Full Colour, Laser Engraved

- Dimensions L x H x W: 66 x 20 x 8mm

- Weight: 6g

- Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Certified (USB 3.0)

- Compatible: 98 / 2000 / XP / 7 / 8 / 10, Linux, Mac

-  Lifetime Warranty: 5 year

-  Delivery time: 7 - 10 day


USB VNMARTS introduces to you the Titan USB Drive. This particular style of USB was actually launched in 2011 and has proven to become one of our most wanted USB drives as well as being the lowest in price. The special aspect of the Titan USB Drive is as well as being available in plastic, it can also be requested as a soft touch rubber feel material in order to create more of an effective ‘edge’ to your company’s promotional USB Drives. Requiring soft touch rubber is a slightly small additional cost per unit, but it definitely makes your Titan USB Drives excel from the rest with a more smart and sophisticated look.

TH Titan USB Memory Flash Drive

Technical information:

qua tang usb thong so ky thuat 2 Hi-Speed USB 2.0, Hi-Speed USB 3.0
MEMORY SIZE qua tang usb thong so ky thuat 3
COLOURS qua tang usb thong so ky thuat 4 Available in your Pantone Color

The minimum order quantity for the Titan USB Drive is fifty units and we can print from one – four spot (solid) pantone colors per side of the drive. The astounding feature of the Titan USB Drive is that it is one of the three USB Drives where companies can choose to have a full color printing option on either one or both sides. Again, full color printing is a small additional charge but it does dramatically emphasise your company’s logo if it specifically contains shading and shadows. Please note that a full colour print can only be achieved on a white shell on the Titan USB Drive.

Additionally, the Titan USB Drive is available in up to eight standard color shells as well as having the opportunity to pantone match your USB order to your company’s corporate colors. The Titan USB Drive does also have data upload available if required. It is free up to 100 Mb and the options to lock, unlock or auto-run the pre-loaded data can be implemented. Please contact our Sales Team for further information on this style.


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