Our mini USB flash drives range offers you a smaller option for your needs. Ranging in size from 40mm long and just 12mm wide and 4mm thick, they are very light, thin and easy to use. Gaining in popularity this year they are offered to you in a range of colours and shapes. Some have a metal only construction and others have a combination of metal and plastic. If you think these small tools are a good fit for your company or business we recommend you obtain a sample to see if it fits. Supplied to you with high quality a-grade chips, USB 2.0 these drives are here to stay for a while. Also choose from a range of attachments that are well suited to a wide audience. From younger children to adults, flash drives are an important part to many peoples lives. Now available with large storage capacity with have the right drives and the best prices to suit all. Please contact the Boost team for more information or samples.

The Metal Mini USB is small, sleek and stylish. It offers an elegant, yet sturdy metal casing which can be engraved or screen printed with your logo, corporate message and contact information. Its lightweight and small size makes it perfect for being mailed out cost-effectively. We are confident that your custom branded Metal Mini USBs will be an instant hit in your next marketing campaign!


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