VNMARTS is a service oriented custom memory products manufacturer and one-stop solutions provider for all your unique USB needs. We produce USB drives for customers ranging from Ad Agencies to Fortune 500 companies. Our strong manufacturing capabilities allow us to output a large volume of USB drives, fulfilling orders with short delivery times and complex technical specifications.

Whether you're looking for factory-direct prices, promo giveaways for your ad campaign, one-of-a-kind custom USB flash drives to sell as retail products, or robust content-delivery devices, our team of USB experts will be happy to help with every aspect of your project.

We're based in China, Campuchia, Viet Nam and we ship worldwide. Our minimum quantity orders are small and our prices are affordable. And best of all, we can print your product name, or company logo into nearly any USB product we have in stock.

VNMARTS is based in China and has been at the forefront of flash drive promotion and technology since its inception. Clients who have utilised our service include Kodak, Motorola, Accor Hotels, Time Magazine, AC Neilsen and Atlas Copco, all bank…

We customize and personalize every product with company logos, corporate and individual names or any sales and promotional materials in all fonts. We have in-house graphic designers who make your ideas to creative reality. We specialize in vector art creation to custom-designed printing and packaging.

Why Choosing Promotional USB Flash Drives of VNMARTS

Businesses of all sizes today are looking for unique and cost effective ways to promote their businesses.

In recent years, logo-branded USB flash drives have been popular and effective promotional tools for many businesses. Due to their popularity, the number of suppliers selling them have also grown dramatically.

VNMARTS come in all shapes, sizes, storage capacities, styles, and quality level. Before you rush out and do a bulk purchase of branded USB flash drives, you should consider and assess these factors to help you make the best choice for your promotional needs:

(1) Quality

Quality of the products is the most important factor when choosing usb flash drives for your promotion. The marketplace is awashed with suppliers providing low quality products, with many completely unfit for data storage.

Giving away low quality promotional products will lead to disappointing customer experience and is a sure way to hurt your company’s brand image. To ensure you get the best quality, here are the criteria to consider when assessing suppliers’quality performance.

(2) Quick Turn Around Time

If you need to reliably get your custom USB drives in a short period of time, consider suppliers that have their own manufacturing facilities. Some suppliers use 3rd party manufacturers so order fulfillment is out of their control. Suppliers who have their own manufacturing facilities could usually guarantee a turnaround time of 7 days or less from formal order confirmation to delivery.

(3) Variety of Styles

VNMARTS come in different flavors to suit your taste and marketing purpose: Swivels and Sliders, USB Cards, Pens, Lanyards, and Wristbands are some of the popular options.

(4) Logo Printing & Engraving Options

Logo printing and engraving can be done in various ways including Screen Printing, Photo Printing and Laser Engraving. Each method is better suited for certain product types and materials.

(5) Storage Capacity

USB flash devices have incredible storage capacities! The amount of storage space can range from 64MB to a whopping 32GB or more! To have an idea of how much storage space you need, consider this: an MP3 music file occupies around 4-8MB. A printable photo image file is around 2-3 MB. A Music Video occupies about 50-100MB, depending on the compression method used.

When selecting the storage capacity for your promotional USB, be sure to take into consideration the amount of files you intend to preload into the drives and the extra memory space you want to allocate for personal use by the recipients. You should allocate at least 1GB of free memory space for your recipients.

(6) Data Services and Solutions

The following data services and solutions can be provided by most suppliers: Data preloading, USB Auto Run, USB File Lock/Dual Zone, Volume Label.

• Data Preloading – Having your marketing content preloaded onto the USB Drives is a powerful benefit of using USB Flash Drives for marketing promotions. Here are some common types of files that can be preloaded for you: presentations, product catalogs, PDF brochures, software, videos, etc. can be preloaded for you.

• USB Auto Run – Auto Run feature allows your preloaded data, such as a presentation, to launch automatically when the user plugs the custom USB Flash Drive it into a computer.

• USB File Lock - If you want to prevent your data from accidental deletion, then the File Lock Feature is great to have.

(7) Accessories

USB accessories are great complements to the products and can add that little extra pizzazz to your promotion. Accessories include packaging and boxes, lanyard neckstraps, key chains, and much more.

By carefully considering the above factors, you will have enough information to choose a reliable promotional USB drive supplier that can meet your expectations and needs.


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