Power Banks

Power banks are great little accessories that can recharge smart phones and other portable electronic devices, typically being able to recharge a smart phone in two hours. Just as we produce branded USB products, we can brand power banks too. With the usage of smart phone and other electronic devices, such as tablets, being on the increase, (and let’s not forget cross device usage), the demand for portable charging devices is high, making power banks perfect for goodie bag promotional gifts. Plus, they are light and do not take up much bag space.

Power bank Bundles 3   wooden power bank 034  MAXCO MATRIX 5000MAH 16

Our Power Banks

Just like our USBs, we have different styles of power banks that can be branded with your logo, from slim line, mini and wooden to multi-purpose power banks that have integrated Bluetooth speakers. All of our branded power banks come with a micro USB cable that you can use for charging, so that you can use the power banks straight away.

wooden power bank 0020 maco power bank 0200 power bank xiaomi 5000MAH

Have a look at our extensive range of power banks — great gifts to promote your brand using the latest laser engraving and printing technology. Otherwise known as portable battery chargers, power banks plug into a smartphone device, such as an iPhone, Android phone or any other portable device, such as a tablet, using a micro USB cable (supplied).

Styles of Power Bank

All portable in design, our power banks start at 2,200mAh (the pocket-sized iVersa) in capacity and can run up to 10,000mAh (tabletop battery chargers). If you are looking for a slimline design, our Pearl, Candy, Credit Card, Shine, Dream and Zipper styles might be right up your street. Our credit card power banks offer full bleed graphics, Dream charges two devices simultaneously, Shine has a colour-co-ordinated key ring loop and anodized aluminium finish and our Wireless model doesn’t need any cables to connect.

 POWER BANK MagSkin II 13000mah 5 maxco Discover 8000 mah 7  Magic I APB 1126 2600mAh 4

Plus, there are plenty more styles to choose from. Our rectangular shaped Rainbow Power Bank, which comes with or without a torch, is exclusive to VNMARTS and lights up when in use. If you like the sound of multi-purpose gadgets, then how about our Bluetooth speaker integrated power banks? How about something energy saving? Then our solar version with emergency LED torch is for you. We also think our portable tabletop battery chargers from Powercase are fantastic for hospitality establishments, such as restaurants, bars and hotels to display menus and advertising whilst helping and attracting more customers.


If there isn’t a power bank that quite fits the bill and you would like to get your creative juices flowing, we can custom make the style that you want — get in touch with us.


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